February 4, 2010

Day 4

Today was my little girls birthday-she turned 7!!

In my family when it is your birthday it is your day to choose whatever you want to do (within reason!)  So she wanted to go to IHOP for a chocolate chip pancake, and then head to Build A Bear, and finally to the play structure at the mall.  So again I was not home all day and had to eat on the go.  I packed a ton of fruit so that I could munch if I needed to.  My plan was to drink my smoothie before we got to IHOP so I wouldn’t be so hungry but I never got around to eating or drinking anything and then when I was finally sitting there I was starving!!!  They have these Harvest blueberry pancakes topped with sliced bananas that looked amazing!!!  But I sipped on water and watched my family eat.  I asked the waitress if I could get a bowl of bananas and blueberries but she said I couldn’t and the fruit bowl that they offer was $5.00 and it was nasty looking-so I passed.  Once I got to the car I drank my smoothie and felt fine and actually very happy that I didn’t give in to the pancake calling!!!  LOL

Today I ate:

  • smoothie with lemon, bananas, spinach, stevia, and water
  • almonds and green tea
  • watermelon
  • pomegranate seeds
  • my dehydrated flax crackers with avocado, lime and sea salt and fresh salsa
  • banana with almond butter
  • Teecino with almond milk and stevia


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2 responses to “February 4, 2010

  1. Kara

    Wow…you go girl…not eating pancakes at IHOP while smelling it all is close to impossible!

  2. Thanks Kara!! It only sucked for a short time!!! LOL As soon as I had food in my belly I was fine!!!

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