Oops- I did it again!!!!

I don’t know why I had such motivation during my 30 days in June, but I just can’t seem to keep my motivation going!!!!  I still have been eating raw, but it seems my run in with Starbucks a week back has sent me into a downward spiral!!!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I think I need an intervention!!!!  Help me fellow raw fooders!!!!



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2 responses to “Oops- I did it again!!!!

  1. lorraine

    Hey Samantha you can turn it around.. choose Life or Death .. sorry that sounds so harsh but sometimes a kick to help you get going is good. I attend Womans Boot Camp @ DWO and Brenda said something that has stuck with me. Athough she is not a raw food die hard she did say ‘don’t eat Sissy food’ all the stupid stuff … eat food that is fit for a woman. So by treating ourselves like a woman lets think like a woman and eat like a woman and we will make better choices all around.
    Every day is a new begining praise God we woke up and have another chance :)))

    • THanks!!! So you live in Michigan then??? Do I know you?? I used to attend DWO for years and taught at the school. I always drive by and think about joining the boot camp but I figure I can’t afford it….hubby is laid off right now 😦 I was just thinking about you yesterday, you are the only reader who replies all the time and I hadn’t heard from you in awhile!!! LOL I know I haven’t posted in awhile either though!! I am working on a website for a business I hope to start up-so it has been keeping me busy!!! Samantha

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