Day 2…..

6529_1076057873198_1578751616_30184057_2625926_nLast night my Lil Sis (15 year difference-yes, I am old!!) stayed the night at my house we stayed up and watched a movie and then talked until 2 am!!!  My kids both woke up several times during the night (between 3am and 5am)and my son was awake and bright eyed by 7am!!!  My sis stayed with me all day and ate my “healthy food” -we had some fun!!!!!

Today I ate:

  • Fresh squeezed orange juice blended with bananas and ice then mixed with chia seeds and bee pollen
  • almonds and green tea with stevia
  • Greek Salad made with Romaine, sprouts, cukes, tomatoes, banana peppers, organic Kalamata olives, “cashew cheeze”, and my homemade dressing
  • watermelon lemonade
  • Matcha Latte
  • Chlorella nuts and goji berries
  • superfood ice cream made with lucuma, maca, mesquite powders, vanilla powder, carob powder, cacao, stevia, almond butter and tons of ice
  • dehydrated flax crackers with smashed avocado and fresh lime
  • green juice made with Rainbow Chard from my garden, apples, and limes

I feel like this was a lot of food for one day and way too many nuts!!!  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day!!!  :)))


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