I’m Back!!!!

fruit2Hello everyone!!!  It has been awhile and I have not been 100% raw since July 1st!!!  It has been a roller coaster and even though I have maintained high raw I have definitely strayed.  My kryptonites being rice/corn tortilla chips with salsa or guac and my biggest being COFFEE with soy creamer and stevia or the occasional Venti Iced Caramel Soy Latte from the notorious Starbucks.

Well, to be perfectly honest I just feel “blah” compared to how I felt during my 30 days raw.   I notice such a difference in every aspect of my life-so I am going back!!!  I am going to try to blog everyday at least what I have eaten, it helps me to stay on track, occasionally I will post caloric info.  I hope to go into this strong and so if you would like to join me even if only for a few days it would be awesome!!!

Also, if you’re into this and don’t want to miss a days worth of what I eat make sure to sign up for email updates, it will send the latest post right into your inbox!!!  Also, don’t forget to check out my main blog http://RawkinMom.wordpress.com/

Wish me luck!!


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