Days 26 and 27…..

Day 26 I ate:

  • Green Smoothie made with fresh orange juice, strawberries, bananas, and Swiss Chard from my garden
  • Juice from watermelon and lemons
  • Honeydew with blueberries
  • green tea
  • Teecino with almond milk
  • cashew/date ball
  • Smoothie made with water, cherries, bananas, cocoa powder
  • Lara Bar- cashews/dates
  • Iced tea

Day 27 I ate:

  • Green smoothie same as day 26
  • apple
  • 2 huge plates of fruit salad
  • sunflower seeds
  • more fruit salad


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2 responses to “Days 26 and 27…..

  1. lorraine

    wow you are doing so well!!! Keep it up!!
    I see you are drinking Kombucha. Do you buy from the store? I have culture if you ever want to try to make your own, if you have not 🙂
    I LOVE Match tea. It is exspensive. I bought my own Match tea and use rice milk and water. I took a tea class last yr or so . Matcha has ,I think the most anitoxidents of the in the 1000’s.
    I bought a bag full – about 100$ worth and it lasted me over a yr and a half or more.. I am the only one who drinks it hear. LOVE IT

  2. cool!!! I wanted to buy the Matcha tea after I had tasted it but it was like $40 for a small conatainer. I have never made my own Kombucha, although I think it would be fun if I knew what I was doing. I buy the organic/raw ones from health food stores. What state are you in??? I am in Michigan.

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