Day 18….

I spent the entire day at the hospital today, no workout, but my mom really needs help and company-she is still in the ICU.  I am not recording stats for today and maybe not  tomorrow I  just do not have the time to enter in all the data into FitDay.

Today I ate:

  • banana
  • almonds
  • green tea
  • salad at the hospital cafeteria that consisted of Romaine lettuce, banana peppers, and cucumbers- used Italian dressing
  • LaraBar-raw food bar made with cashews and dates
  • another salad at the cafeteria later in the day…..same kind
  • Teecino- tea made from ground dates, ground chicory root, ground almonds, etc.

I had very low fruit today-one banana- and it made a difference, I felt less energetic and more sleepy.  Plus, I don’t think I ate enough food- hopefully today will be a better day.



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2 responses to “Day 18….

  1. lorraine

    just want to encourage you. Eat your fruit, we can live on that for along time. Bring a variety with you. Glucose.. I think it is, is sugar for the brain. It will perk you up and make you feel good. Just eat it alone and don’t combine protein , veggies and such . I can almost guaranty you will feel good, awake able to withstand. Fruit is the one food that has it all. God bless , this is a tough time but the bible says ‘stand and stand AGAIN… keep standing 🙂

  2. Thanks for your encouragement!!! The worst is over and I am not feeling so stressed and worried now. My mom is recovering well and she even told me I am not allowed to spend all day up there anymore!!! I have consumed so many nuts over the last couple of days!!!!

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