Day 11…..

Okay, I have to be honest….I have been tempted to quit this experiment!!!  The last 2 days I have really wanted some Goldfish crackers and some tortilla chips and salsa!!!  I have NOT caved yet though, my husband keeps telling me to just finish the 30 days,  so I hope I can last that long!!!  The ultimate test will come this weekend- we are having a birthday party for my little man (he just turned 3!) and I am baking him a cake!!  I am making it organic, vegan and making a special homemade frosting just for him….I am planning on downing a bunch of watermelon or making a coconut limeade drink to help with the temptation!!!  I will keep you posted!!!  I did not work out today, I woke up with really sore calf muscles and couldn’t straighten my legs fully all day….it really stunk walking all crazy all day!!!

Today I ate:

  • almond pulp (this was leftover from the almond milk I made yesterday), mixed with raisins, chopped apple, cinnamon (just the spice, not mixed with sugar), vanilla powder, and a squirt of agave-i mixed this up like a cereal and then poured a little almond milk over top.
  • 1 whole seedless cucumber sliced, topped with some cherry tomatoes, drizzled with flax oil and balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with dulse and sea salt
  • It was a cold and dreary day and I wanted something hot, so I made a Teecino drink, which is an herbal tea made from ground chicory root, ground almonds, carob, organic dates, organic barley, and organic figs….you pour hot water on it and brew it….I then added some stevia and the leftover almond milk from yesterday
  • Smoothie made with 3 bananas, cocoa powder, almond butter, vanilla, Lucuma powder, Maca powder, Mesquite powder and water/ice
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice with chia seeds and bee pollen added in
  • almonds
  • Organic corn kernels mixed with sea salt and cayenne pepper (this helped my goldfish cracker craving)

Stats for the day:

Calories: 1371

Fat: 38 grams

Carbs: 206 grams

Protein: 32 grams

Fiber: 36 grams



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4 responses to “Day 11…..

  1. Christi

    Keep it up, Sam! I know you can do it! You’re inspiring others, plus you’ll be so proud of yourself when you’re done.

    Have a good weekend!!!

  2. lorraine

    WOW, great food for the day and it was a bit of a ‘left over day’! The cereal/type sounded so good. I love cereal and this was a great way to use up some ingredients like the almond pulp. I have to get me some vanilla powder . I have been keeping shelled raw sunflower seed in my car. This has been good for me. A little pinch goes along way. Good to hear you are preparing for the ‘party’. Keep it going as this is turning into a lifestyle change

    • Thanks!! The cereal did taste yummy…vanilla powder is so good-I order mine from The Raw Food World- it has lasted so long and I use it in everything!!! I love sunflower seeds and they are safe at my house because no one is allergic…we have to be careful about some nuts because my son. 😦

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