Day 6…..

Alright, I have to admit that today was hard.  I slept in until 8am and then didn’t work out!!!   In the afternoon, I went to a graduation party and there was lots of yummy food and everyone was eating tons of it.    There was a cake that had 4 layers and in between each layer it looked like strawberry or raspberry sauce and some frosting that was as thick as one of the cake layers……………….did I eat it?????  NO!!!  My husband was torn because he wanted some but he didn’t want to eat it around me.  I told him it was fine, enjoy it…..well he did!!!  LOL  I almost stole a piece to bring home and put in my freezer to eat when the 30 days are over- but I didn’t!!!  Next obstacle, was CeasarLand….now I don’t even like Little Ceasars Pizza but it smelled really good….I did not eat anything there either.   I realized when you are in the moment where something looks really good or smells really good is when it is hardest to resist, but as soon as you walk away the temptation is completely gone.

Today I ate:

  • Smoothie made with fresh squeezed orange juice, spinach, one banana,  some strawberries, water, and ice (I gave some to my husband and he loved it and we fought over who was going to finish it!!!)
  • green tea
  • coconut limeade
  • Sliced banana, diced mango, drizzled with homemade coconut cream topped off with a few raw cashew pieces……this was the best!!!!!
  • cucumber with a sprinkle of dressing and sea salt
  • 2 bananas
  • almonds
  • water

Stats for the day:

Calories: 1159

Fat: 35 grams

Carbs: 215 grams

Protein: 22 grams

Fiber: 32 grams


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One response to “Day 6…..

  1. Christi

    You are doing soooo good! Way to resist the temptations! You really are an inspiration to me as well as others I’m sure!
    Go on…girl!

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