Failure Starts in the Mind…..

I was thinking about my experiment yesterday while I was cleaning the house and I started to think about the times I have failed at something and I realized that every time I have ever failed I had first said in my head “I can’t do this”.  Our minds are very strong and what we think in our heads can really affect how we live our lives.  I am a bit worried that I can go 30 days with no cooked/processed foods……I have lots going on this month!!  I have my son’s birthday, his party, graduation parties, helping host my dear sister in law’s bridal shower, my mom is having surgery and I will be at the hospital everyday while she is there and also taking care of her when she comes home, and my husband is leaving for a week!!!  I have contemplated starting at a different time but then I realized that there will never be the perfect time to try this so I am going to dive right in.

Day 1 here I come…………..



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2 responses to “Failure Starts in the Mind…..

  1. OMG girl… so true! I was thinking the same thing this morning about the new baby! I already have it in my mind I ‘can’t’ do it! And I was thinking, I always arm myself with a can-do attitude so what is different this time, how do I change it, and how do I find my joy in this situation?? But your right – its all here right in front of me… its as simply as changing your thoughts – mind over matter!! Congrats on your raw journey!!

    • Yes, you can do this!!! and you have too!!!! You are awesome girl, and you always have a positive attitude, I couldn’t have written the post without all of the inspiration you have given me over time!!!

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