Getting Ready…..

I’m getting ready to start a self imposed 30 Day RAW food experiment which will include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, superfood supplements and organic green tea.  As I prepare for this I am contemplating whether or not I can do this!!  I have only told 2 people (my husband and my great friend) for fear of failure….all of these questions are going through my mind….but I have wanted to try this for a long time….so I guess I am launching this on June 1st!!  I am doing this for many reasons all of which come down to my health and well being.  I have chosen to blog about this because of the accountability factor-even if I only have 1 person checking – it will keep me motivated to keep going.  I would love to have people join me for a day, a week, or the whole month!!!  I plan to track my calories, fat, and carbs on either or and I will post totals for each day, along with what food and how much I eat.

My main concern in all of this is my mad addiction to coffee!!!  I love my afternoon cup of Joe!!!  To think of 30 days with no coffee is painful……but I have been wanting to give this up for a long time……maybe this will help!!

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, etc. throughout and if you would like to join me even for a day it would lots of fun!!!!



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8 responses to “Getting Ready…..

  1. Judy Lundy

    Hi Sam,

    I loved coffee more than anything in this world. When we were waiting for the adoption process to complete for Juli’s twins so they could come home from Haiti, I gave coffee up for a year and a half. Instead, I drank tea. My favorite is Lipton Black Tea with Honey and Lemon, and my second favorite is Lipton Green Tea with Honey and Lemon.

    The twins have now been home for 9 months. I do have an occasional cup of coffee, but now I prefer tea!
    I have faith in you! You CAN do this!!

    • Judy,
      You are such a cool person…I love you!!! I do like green tea and I am hoping that will help with any headache issues but I think I am emotionally attached to the coffee!!!! LOL When you drink coffee, does it bring back the addiction feelings at all????

  2. Christe

    Good luck, Sam!!! I wish you all the best! I have always wanted to try that and would love to do something like that but … I guess I just don’t have enough faith in myself. Your mere inspiration to try is motivation in and of itself. I look forward to hearing how it goes…..

    Christe Mork (McGahan)

    • Wow!!! Thanks… would be cool if after a few days of checking out what I am eating if you could try it for a day!!! Remember SUCCESS is just being able to take the next step…….

  3. Not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but I’ll be watching your progress over the next 30 days. I started on New Years learning more about raw diets and slowly making more of my food raw. At Lent I attempted to go all raw. I’d say I was about 90-100% for those 6 weeks. Then I went on vacation and it all fell apart. But I’m motivated to get back to a mostly raw diet. I did lose about 15 pounds over a few months but I’ve gained back 5-7 since I’ve lapsed. Good luck!

    • Wow, I am glad you found me!!! LOL That is awesome you were able to try a raw food diet for awhile, I am pretty convinced it is the best way to go, it is just really hard sometimes!!

  4. Jamelie

    Hi Samantha! I’m so proud of you! Actually I admire you! I know you can do this…I wish I could say the same for me! I’ll be checking in!

    WoW! Your little man is going to be 3 already, give him and Elie a kiss!

    I hope things go well with your Mom too!

    Miss you!

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